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Donate to City Green & make our team's dreams come true!

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Donate to City Green & make our team's dreams come true!

Wishlist item #1: Learning Farm Shade Arbor
As we renovate the Learning Farm's Veggie Garden, we hope to build a large arbor that will arch over our new paver pathways. Not only will this arbor provide much-needed shade, but it will also create an immersive and inclusive nature-based experience as climbing crops such as beans and gourds surround the passerby.

Wishlist item #2: Garden Wagon
Whether we are gardening or getting ready for a youth program, we are always lugging all kinds of heavy materials up, down, and all around the farm! Currently, we only have one garden wagons and we have a BIG need for more.

Wishlist item #3: iPads for Growing Strong
City Green's Growing Strong program is a paid summer internship program for high school students in our community. Students help run City Green's summer programs and participate in educational food and justice workshops. Often these workshops are conducted outdoors, and our current technology does not allow students to access an engaging food justice curriculum. With up-to-date iPads, City Green can further the education of Growing Strong interns and provide them with crucial resources and information.

Wishlist item #4: Mixing Bowls for Youth Programs
All summer long City Green garden and farm campers are harvesting produce from youth gardens and learning how to cook up fresh recipes from dirt to table. With the sheer volume of programs, we need mixing bowls that can truly stand the test of the garden day in and out!

Wishlist item #5: Wheel Barrows for New Garden Builds
Whether we are hauling compost, weeds or building a new school garden we are constantly putting our wheelbarrows to the ultimate test! After many years of use, it is time for some fresh, new wheelbarrows.